Will Wavy Hair Extensions Stay Wavy?

Wavy hair extensions are a great option for less maintenance and styling.

The way you care for them will determine how well they will maintain their wave. Avoiding heat or chemicals can help maintain the natural wave and curl your extensions may have and cause them to disappear. It is always best to purchase human hair extensions when you are looking to wear wavy hair extensions because the natural wave of the hair will always be well retained when washed properly. It is also important to consider the type of hair wash system that you use to care for your wavy hair extensions.

Shampoos that are less likely to strip human hair extensions and their gorgeous waves will be free of sulfates and parabens, chemicals that are just too harsh for the hair and clean too well.

To keep your extensions living their best wavy life, avoid brushing them while they air dry.

Also, avoid using a blow dryer which could cause your wavy hair extensions to become coarse once dried. Use products that help with proper detangling to avoid any unwanted knots and matting.

Conditioners that are for moisturizing, hydrating, and detangling are perfect for this type of hair extensions.

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