Will Dying Hair Extensions Ruin Them?

Color can get a little boring. From time to time, we want to be able to add a little more pizazz to our current look in different ways like changing your color. You may be wearing extensions or looking to purchase some but have a specific color in mind that you want to wear, but you are scared that dying them can ruin them.

Dying your hair extensions can be a process but with a high return if done correctly.

If this is your first rodeo and you are looking to get a warm honey blonde color for the Summer, which involves bleaching your hair, it may be preferable for you to visit your local stylist to achieve the look.

I will say it is better to suggest to color your hair extensions versus your natural hair, but we have to remember to treat the extensions just as we would with our hair. Depending on the color you want, and if you are looking to obtain it at home, it is all about how you go about coloring it. Nowadays, a lot of box colors which can be in your neighborhood Target or corner beauty supply store, do a great job of coloring hair extensions.

Box hair color is always a great option to avoid major damage to your extensions because detailed instructions are inside. Most box hair colors are semi-permanent which benefits your hair extensions because they lack peroxide and ammonia which can cause harsher processing causing unwanted damage.

Ways you can damage your hair extensions when dying them is using bleach alone and not properly rinsing and washing it out after coloring. Bleach tends to leave residue behind that can still be active and continue processing your hair.

It is vital that you do a thorough rinse with hot water for however long it takes to get it out. It is also imperative to deep condition your extensions after using such a stripping chemical which can cause your hair to be easily prone to breakage and look brittle.

If you are looking to lighten your hair extensions, save yourself a headache and visit a professional today.

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