Which Hair Extensions Look Most Natural?

The type of hair extensions that look the most natural is clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions because of how they closely apply them to the scalp and root of your natural hair.

Besides making sure you have the right type of hair extensions, you want to make sure to follow certain guidelines that will help make your extensions look natural effortlessly. Of course, to ensure the look you’re aiming to achieve in the most natural looking way, you want to have plenty of hair extensions that properly fit your head where it is not too much but not too little.

Making sure you have plenty of extensions is important so that it matches up with your hair density, this is a major factor in achieving that natural look. Determining how much hair you will need, depends on how thick, fine, or thin your natural hair may be.

You also want to make sure the length is comparable.

Now, I get it, if you are looking to enhance your look with some length when you currently have short hair, so it is important to go by the next guideline which has the proper color matched and incorporate one or two additional lengths for a layering effect.

The most important guideline out of all of these is making sure you have top quality hair!

You are a real human being, with real human hair of natural human quality…why not wear the hair of one as your extensions? It is understandable that synthetic hair extensions are affordable. However, you will prohibit yourself from have a gorgeous natural look because the quality of the hair does not match yours.

Not only will it not match but they just won’t last. Invest in hair extensions of great quality with plenty to install, matches your hair color and right lengths and you are on your way to looking very natural with your extensions.

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