How to Wash Hair Extensions

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to caring for your hair extensions is to wash them.

Extensions are meant to last over time but to keep them looking their best treat them to a wash day just as you would with your natural hair. Depending on how you installed your extensions can determine how intense your efforts need to be to wash them thoroughly. With clip-ins, you have the advantage to remove them for proper washing which is much easier. Regardless of the type of extensions you have, you will want to start by detangling them to avoid any knotting or hair loss.

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle ensuring that all kinks are out.

If you are cleaning clip-in extensions, it’s best to fill up your sink with cold water and submerge your extensions to get them wet and ready for washing. Using hot water could be a bit harsh on your hair extensions, so always use cold water almost lukewarm. Using cold water is also helpful to lock in moisture for your extensions creating a luxurious shine and softness. Apply shampoo that is sulfate-free and paraben free making sure your extensions receive nothing but the best hair care system to help prolong their lifespan.

Once you have thoroughly washed your extensions apply a conditioner to lock in moisture and hydration; rinse them with cold water, squeeze the extensions using a dry towel and allow them to air dry.

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