Curling Hair Extensions Without Heat

We just touched on how you can curl your hair extensions using a curling wand but what if you want to skip using heat?

We all know that using heat continuously over time can become very damage to your precious cargo of extensions so let’s talk about a couple of ways you can get the right curls minus the heat.

A super easy way to get heatless curls is by using flexi rods. These plastic hair curlers are easy to use, and they hardly take any effort when applying them.

They can bend in any direction based on what curl you are looking to achieve. Simply take the small section of hair you plan to curl and begin wrapping it around the flexi rod starting by securing the very ends of the hair at the base of the rod and twist it around.

Lock your hair in place on the flexi rod by bending in the ends. Another great way to get heatless curls is the pin curl method which, as I mentioned earlier, can help preserve your curls. Start at the ends of your small sectioned hair with both index finger and form a wheel shape in a backward rotating motion.

Lay the pinwheel of hair down and secure with a bobby pin. Curling your extensions without heat is effortless and avoids any heat damage.

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