Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

Anything that is not a part of your normal routine or that is not naturally apart from you can take some getting used to.

Depending on the type of hair extensions you get installed, they can be uncomfortable initially. Our scalps can tend to be sensitive to the tension placed on our roots after getting extensions. It’s all about getting adjusting to them. Ensuring that your extensions are secure, your stylist will normally put them as close as possible hinting the initial discomfort.

For instance, a sew-in of hair extensions can cause a bit more agitation because of the braids made to secure the sewing of the extensions.

Think about it?

The thread is pulling through to tighten the braids. Various factors can cause you to be uncomfortable with your new extensions like the hair weight or them simply being too tight. Mild discomfort is completely normal and will pass over a short course of time but if you are experiencing excruciating pain be sure to contact your professional stylist to help relieve the pain.

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